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Financing aims to resolve environmental and social issues, facilitate sustainable corporate growth
28 Feb 2024
Country’s total LNG production expected to reach 142 mtpa before end of decade
28 Feb 2024
Starr Solar and Second Division to add 288MW to US state’s electricity grid
28 Feb 2024
Annual production at Scarborough field estimated at 8 million tonnes per annum
28 Feb 2024
US$1.3 billion Singapore-Spain JV to produce 500,000 tonnes of SAF, renewable diesel
26 Feb 2024
Responsible fish production aims to build a more sustainable aquaculture ecosystem
23 Feb 2024
Budget carrier modernizes, targets global flight network expansion, ESG alignment
22 Feb 2024
Eversource sells 50% stake in two offshore wind farms for US$1.1 billion
21 Feb 2024
First phase of Sangomar field development to start production in mid-2024
21 Feb 2024
South Korean yards to build 60 vessels under state-owned firm’s LNG fleet expansion programme
21 Feb 2024
Kamoa-Kakula expansion will increase annual production to 600,000 tonnes
21 Feb 2024
Hub will focus on technology, research and innovation for decarbonization of aerospace sector
20 Feb 2024
Consortium offers highest bid of 82.16% revenue share to the government
15 Feb 2024
Project cancellations and phasing seen resulting in €4.7 billion of capex relief
14 Feb 2024